Announcing TSUKI Season 2!

Brand new update, brand new server~

Tsuki Season 2

With the upcoming release of One Life v3.2.0, we will be resetting the LunarCube Server.
We're offering a optional shulker migration this season, as well as of course- THE PURGE!

This update will take a little while- probably until around March time.
Meanwhile, we have a lot of new stuff to show off for next season, including mods from
Season 1, 2 and 3. But also tons of new content and features on the server.

This includes:
- A levelling system, decked out with rewards.
- Auction House from 'Moon SMP'
- New Daily Rewards & Cosmetic Particles
- Dragon Slayer & Unique Tags/Prefixes

Thank you all for following the development of LunarCube.
- Space

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