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LunarCube Vanilla

As many of you know, we have been hard at work on a new Vanilla Network for you all to play on...
Some basics are that we're very community-based. So gamemodes and ideas will be added on community request!

You will be able to join on 1.8 through to the latest versions of Minecraft!

As of right now, we have tons already packed into the lobbies...
Including, crates and daily rewards for you to claim!
Massive spawn for players to explore and/or setup roleplay interactions within!
Parkour for players to compete against each other!
Maze for players to attempt to complete!
Simple and centralised access, as well as hub selectors and server NPCs!
Cosmetics which are actually free!
Player hiders for the antisocial!
Custom profile setup, including token balance, rank, first join date, friends menu and more!

These are primarily all the basic features. I do not want to leak too much for this either.
I hope you're all excited for LunarCube Vanilla, we're constantly working hard to implement new features and ideas.

Thanks to everyone that supports us, we look forward to seeing you on!
- The LunarCube Team

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