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We've updated our networks with loads of awesome things!


Let's get you up-to-date with what we have been up to!
~ We have updated our networks largely. ~

New Logo Design & Forums Layout
First off, we've given our forums and network as a whole a fresh coat of paint! As you can see, we have a new logo for the entire network to enjoy, summer particles on the forums and a more organised layout overall.

Community Improvements
Additionally, we have taken your suggestions and improved the rules page; on both the forums and discord server! Providing a nice layout and options compared to a cluttered mess. Feel free to suggest anymore improvements you might come up with either in our discord #suggestion channel or on the forums!

As well as the new rules pages, we're also going to be updating the support subdomain to get a fresh and neater layout later on in the week.

Modpack Updates - Upcoming
We're releasing two updates later in the week, as well as the support page update. One involving One Life and version 2.0 of our MoCreatures implementation fix. The other as a surprise to a handful of you OG members!- Vanity SMP! This modpack will not be receiving a server, but will be receiving a modpack update that aims to fix several unfixed bugs, update over 50 mods and configurations.

We also would like to start hosting Monthly Build Competitions on the One Life Server. This would allow you all to show off your creative mindsets and have fun doing so!

One Life is in the Top 500 Minecraft Servers
So guys we did it, we hit top- wait, that's not the right script-
This is a MAJOR thing that has happened in the last month and we know that! I'm working something up in the background to celebrate this milestone <3
Join our Discord to stay up to date on this celebration!

That's all the major announcements we currently have to give out to you. Of course, we have a lot more in the background that we just can't wait to show you!
We're going to be keeping you guys up to date on both discord and the forums now too! So that's a plus!

Thanks to everyone that has been supporting us.