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The Arena Update is now available!

The Arena Update is now live on the One Life - Popular SMP server.

This update has taken quite a while, I apologise... but that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard!

Changes + Updates:
You can now fight your friends & foes in the arena! Simply hit the button at spawn, or do /warp arena!
The Nether & End now have "reset times" where they will be wiped: so you have a fresh experience each time!
The Dragon Egg is now on the table for you to compete for!
Ranks have now been completely redesigned and thought up. Thanks to the community for this approach!
Patch v3 has been deployed, this should make the server even better, especially those from the United States.
The store is now live! Check it out:

You can view the full changelog by joining our discord server! :D

Thank you for the support.
<3 from the LunarCube Team​