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One Life Next Season Update // Tsuki Release!

Good evening everyone!

We've spent a lot of time in the background working on "Tsuki"- a form of server software that accepts the usage of mods and plugins.
This project is now practically completed with a few bugs here and there (they're probably fixed by the time you're reading this.)

Let's quickly go over what Tsuki means for you- the player.
We are now able to provide you a global means of cross-server friends, as well as new plugins that add to your experience.
You will also notice less connection and performance issues, maybe even none at all (Tested with 8 players, all in gamemode creative @ 19 TPS)
A brand new server for you to explore and interact with: fully.

It has been requested frequently that players have more things to do; we were unable to provide this due to the prior softwares limitations (we tried our best!)
Tsuki allows this to happen- opening the doors to over hundreds of thousands of features, ideas and plugins.
Additionally, we can now hook up Tsuki to Poicord- our implementation of the Bungeecord software.
This allows us to sync ideas and objects across the network of servers deployed.

The very next One Life Server Season will deploy this software.

Thank you for the continued support <3