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New YouTube Rank // FAQ & Requisites

Hey there again!

We have been hard at work on the Vanilla Network again, featuring the new YouTube Rank!
The YouTube Rank is a way for us to support and send our thanks to those that play on LunarCube!

As such, the rank includes bonus features like:
- Public Parties of 24.
- All daily rewards unlocked monthly.
- Awesome prefix that shows you stand out!

The rank is available to those that meet the following criteria:
- YouTube channel with frequent Minecraft-related content uploaded to it.
- Reasonable viewer-to-sub ratio. (50%>)
- 1,000 -> 10,000 subscribers.

We look forward to seeing content creators on our server and will support those most dedicated to us- regardless of owning the rank or not.
Please let us know how we're doing so far, as well as any feedback! All is accepted!
[email protected]

If you meet the criteria and are interested:
Please send an email and link us to your channel, as well as why you would like the rank!
[email protected]

Thanks again to everyone for keeping up to date with us. <3
- Space 🎀
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