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LunarCube - One Life Server Rules

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Welcome to LunarCube Networks

Below are some basic rules that you should read before playing on our server.​


1.0 - Usernames

Usernames must be appropriate when playing on our server; this means no bad language, nothing considered rude or offensive in anyway.

2.0 - Spamming
Spamming caps in chat (IE: AAAAA) or spamming messages over and over again is not allowed here, it clogs the chat and *can* impact our staff seeing players requiring help or not.

3.0 - Harassment/Bullying
Harassment on our server (targeted or not) is not allowed and will be punished severely by our staff team. If we do receive any player reports, we take them seriously.

4.0 - Raids/DDoS
Raiding our server with bots/flooding TCP (DDoS attack) and/or threats will get you banned; you should also avoid discussion of which. No question about it.

5.0 - Malicious Files/Links
Malicious Files (Such as trojans, malware, junkware etc) will be removed. Same goes for suspicious and/or malicious links (such as phishing links). You will be reported to local authority and removed from our networks.

6.0 - Promotional Material
Promotional Content is disallowed here; do it somewhere else. This is a community, not adsense.

7.0 - Language in-game
Language must be acceptable and PG-13; we have children that play on our network. Please try to speak English and English only, although we do give some lee-way with this.

8.0 - Impersonation
Impersonation of a Staff Member-or anyone for that fact- is not allowed.

9.0 - Nuisance
Becoming a nuisance to staff or a player; whether it's stalking a player, or begging a staff member in-game will likely result in you being removed. It's not nice to be harassed by someone constantly.


10.0 - Breached Accounts

Regarding accounts being breached or broken into; your account is your responsibility! You should take care of this and use strong paswords to prevent this happening.

11.0 - Alternative Accounts
Unlike some networks; we allow usage of alternative accounts (Aliases: Alts, Alt Account, Alt) but we do have some rules in-place which you should be aware of:

- If you play on a shared-ip; have a brother/sister on the same WiFi/Ethernet that cheats or breaks our rules, your account will be banned too!

- If you use too many alternative accounts, you may be banned. We have a limit of 5 alts per IP.

- Claiming with more than one alternative account (in a way that is deemed to bypass our CBOT (Claim-Blocks Over Time) system may get you banned)

12.0 - Skins/Capes
No skins or capes that may be deemed inappropriate.


13.0 - Item names

If you're not allowed to say it in chat; you're not allowed to name it so.

14.0 - IRL Trades
We disallow the use of purchasing an item in-game using IRL (In Real Life) currency (such as GBP, USD, etc) this is to protect our playerbase from being involved in scams or related.

15.0 - Trading/Scams
We do not approve of scamming on the One Life server. If caught, you will be punished.

If you agree to a deal; you will fulfil it! This also includes high-balling; the act of telling someone that something is worth x when it is not.

16.0 - Pets/Stealing
We do not allow the acts of killing others pets, for gain or not, nor do we allow the act of stealing from another, our claiming system is in place, use it.


17.0 - Addition Mods

We allow the usage of FPS-improvement based mods. But any mod that gives the player an advantage, such as Flying, Killaura, Xray, ESP, etc will result in a ban. If we see an improvement-based mod see fit, we will make a list of pre-approved mods.


18.0 - AFK Farms/Machines

AFK Farms & Machines are not allowed on our server, we have a AFK-Kick in place for a reason. You will be warned once, only.

19.0 - Lag Machines/Fly Machines
Fly/Lag machines (usually consisting of slime, pistons, redstone blocks) are not allowed. We'd rather the resources go to something else.

20.0 - Inappropriate Builds
Inappropriate builds in-game, like swearing on a piece of land or related will result in you being removed.

21.0 - Claiming
Claiming has a lot of rules and regulations against it.

We allow:

- Claiming a base to protect it.

- Claiming anothers base if you see it is unclaimed.

We disallow:

- Claiming a base and holding it ransom (IE: for in-game currency or items.)

- Stealing from a base you've found unclaimed.

- Griefing from a base you've found unclaimed.


22.0 - Hacking

Hacking/Cheating is not allowed on our network, this will get you banned.

This includes ESP (being able to see players/chests/etc through walls), KillAura (Aimbot, but for MC), Fly. So on~

This also includes faking hacks, we will see it all the same.

Found someone cheating? Report it below.

23.0 - Exploiting
So, you've found a bug? Report it to our Bug-Reports forum here:

Abusing bugs to gain an advantage or just cause havoc will result in a ban.


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