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Cats_4_change's Application

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Basic Information:

Minecraft Username: Cats_4_Change
Timezone: EST
Age (parental consent is required for >13 year olds): 15

Discord Name & Tag (if applicable): Cats_4_Change#4823

Interest-related questions:

Where do you spend most of your time? (Discord, One Life, Vanilla): playing games with my friends/being on my computer, playing minecraft mostly

Have you ever received a suspension or mute from any of our Networks, if so, why? i think so long ago, i was muted for a bit for being a little too angry about y'all killing my kiwis or something. i might have been banned for the same reason but i dont think it lasted long.

When did you first start playing on LunarCube? Provide how you found us: i forgot when i first started playing lunarcube, it was back when the discord was literally just one life- popular smp as the name. of course at the time i found you by playing the one life modpack.

Why choose LunarCube > Any other network? pretty cool and chill staff, fun people to hang around with and talk to

Application-related questions:

What position are you interested in? (Plugin-testing, playing gamemodes, early benefits): anything i can do to help.

Do you have the means to record and/or screenshot any issues or bugs that may be present? yes

Why should you be chosen for this opportunity? (under 40 words please!) I should be accepted for this opportunity because i helped with testing for vanity and enjoyed being a helpful part of the server making process. i also really like new communities and i feel like this will be a good way for me to step back into being a more active player on lunarcube.

What is your future expectation for LunarCube? (Better support, performance, etc)
to be honest i hope for lunarcube to be able to reopen the homestead and vanity servers and be able to expand into a really big, popular server that is friendly for all.

Vouches (if applicable):
idk if it counts that ive beta tested for you before or not and i am generally pretty helpful

"she is good at the game in general, shes very helpful, and a fast learner." -NerdKingdom9023#2504 (she is my best friend, not made up, i swear.)

Extras (if applicable):
Is there anything else we may need to know? Please be honest: Hope you're having a good day :3


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Lead Staff
You're in!

There's no need to do anything else for now, we will contact you via Discord when it is time!

Thank you for your interest.
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