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_Lexahhh_ Early Adapter Application

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Basic Information:

Minecraft Username: _Lexahhh_
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Age (parental consent is required for >13 year olds): 17

Discord Name & Tag (if applicable): Lexahh#9306

Interest-related questions:

Where do you spend most of your time? (Discord, One Life, Vanilla): One Life

Have you ever received a suspension or mute from any of our Networks, if so, why? None received

When did you first start playing on LunarCube? Provide how you found us: A while ago, I found One Life on Technic but the server wasn't even posted yet, but I joined the server about a week ago

Why choose LunarCube > Any other network? A great, friendly community and the owner and moderators are always so friendly and are here to help when needed

Application-related questions:

What position are you interested in? (Plugin-testing, playing gamemodes, early benefits):
Playing game modes and early benefits

Do you have the means to record and/or screenshot any issues or bugs that may be present?

Why should you be chosen for this opportunity? (under 40 words please!)
I absolutely love this whole community and I'd love to one day be a helping hand in it as much as I can

What is your future expectation for LunarCube? (Better support, performance, etc)
Better performance because of the number of members that are joining

Vouches (if applicable):

Vouches are player-based opinions that you can place onto your request, you can get these by asking others over DM or privately, such as close friends to give you a thumbs up. You will need to receive exact quotations of the users message. We do validate and check these. So be sure to be honest and not make up random names.

Extras (if applicable):
Is there anything else we may need to know? Please be honest:


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Lead Staff
You're in!

There's no need to do anything else for now, we will contact you via Discord when it is time!

Thank you for your interest.
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