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[GUIDE] Getting started with your application

Welcome to LunarCube Networks

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines to follow when submitting a Application


The Golden Rule is that everything application-related is handled using the forums. Your Application will be rejected should you message a member of Staff regarding it.




The process of your application

At LunarCube, we have a 3-step application process; this involves:

* The initial forums application which you're reading now.

* A voice interview with the Lead Staff.

* Another more extensive interview with the Lead Staff.


What are the requirements to apply?

There are 5 things that are mandatory before applying:


* You must be 14 years or older.

* You must be honest and community-driven.

* You must not already be staff (or applied to be) on another network.

* You must have access to Discord and a working microphone.

* You must be active on the server.


Bonus points will be awarded if the following criteria(s) are met!

* You have submitted positive reports on the server.

* You feel you are a role-model towards others.


What am I applying for?

You're applying for Trial-Mod. Your role in which is to help and assist players by answering their questions, explaining how the server works and introducing them as well as enforcing server rules.


How long does it take for me to receive a response?

As of right now, the Manager/Lead Staff takes care of all Applications submitted, this can take from 24 to 72 hours depending on how busy we are. You will receive a response on your Application page, so check frequently!

Please, do not provoke members of staff about your application, it will be denied immediately should this occur.

Should your application not receieve a response after 72 hours, you can message a higher member of staff regarding your application status.


My Application got denied! Now what?

Unless stated otherwise, you cannot re-apply until 14 days have passed. Posting sooner than this timeframe will result in a 30 day wait, continued, then your permissions to apply to be taken away.


Can I copy and paste a previous Application?

Avoid copy & pasting previous applications or application responses from other Networks, we do check this information and it will likely result in rejection.


Do I need to be active?

Trial Moderator is a voluntary role- to avoid demotion or your application being denied, try stick to 7 hours a week.


I have a question that isn't listed!

Join our Discord and message the Staff Manager (space#0002) or send an Email: [email protected]


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