~ Last Updated 2021/02/27 ~

➤ Respect towards others in chat

Respect towards each other, both players and staff, is critically important.
We aim for a player experience like no other within LunarCube. Whether you are the worlds most competitive
player or are just looking to make some new friends, it should be a positive experience, not a negative one.
This rule being in place allows not just a respectful community, but also a fun and cooperative one.

The following will not be tolerated:
• Harassment or discrimination towards *anyone* or *any group of people*- for any reason.
• Spamming; in which includes sending the same message over and over, or random gibberish.
• Swearing in excessive amounts or bypassing word filters.
• DDoS/DoS discussion, threats or actions. This may be escalated legally.
• Putting others at risk- which includes exposing someone to acts of violence and/or inappropriate topics,
death threats to self or others, disclosing private information or belittling/manipulating one to do a task or favour.

➤ Suitable content & creations

As with treating each other with respect, you must also NOT use the game in any way to show anything harmful.
You are fully permitted and entitled to express your thoughts, give suggestions and provide positive criticism.
You are not, however, allowed to expose others to content that is unsuitable or disturbing.

The following is disallowed:
• Inappropriate builds involving a racial, sexist or otherwise offensive nature in-game.
• Inappropriate skins and/or cape- such as racist or sexual designs.
• Inappropriate names- including but not limited to items you create in-game, usernames, pets and clan names or tags.

➤ Advertising & scams

LunarCube was built on player experience and therefore we must maintain that the network is safe for all players.
We do not tolerate scams or postings in an attempt to gain information. These will be reported to account holders, where possible.

We support and encourage:
• Making media playing on LunarCube, such as YouTube or Twitch content.
• Posting said media on the site or in the appropriate channels.

However, you are not allowed to:
• Post media that is unsuitable, like if the media contains content that breaks our other rules.
• Breaking other rules when posting said media: such as spamming users to subscribe.
• Advertise and/or link external domains or other servers.
• Impersonate players or staff, for any reason.
• Post phishing or scams, these WILL be reported and they WILL be escalated, always.

➤ Cheating, exploits and griefing

Cheating AND/OR exploiting to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed in any way, shape or form on any of our servers.
We are pretty strict on cheating in-game. This is because not only does cheating ruin the experience for others, but also ruins it for you.
We oath that we are going to be continuously working on Anti-cheat solutions and the staff to back it.
Griefing, cross-teaming and etc is also considered cheating. They all come under the same category.

The following is considered cheating and is therefore disallowed:
• Utilising third-party modifications or resources to gain an advantage above other players.
• Exploiting bugs intentionally trying to crash a client/server or to gain advantages above others.
• Cross-teaming or siding with another party.
• Griefing your own team in-game- for any reason.
• Boosting account statistics.

I found someone cheating!
• Please report all offenders all in-game using /report and their name. IE: /report owospace
• Alternatively, you may report the user over our Discord.

I found a bug or exploit!
• You can report bugs and exploits to us over Email or Discord.
• You will never be punished for reporting a bug or issue. But keep in mind that this is only if are not malicious with it.
• Thank you for taking the time to report issues to us.

➤ Your account and security

Your account is your responsibilty and should be kept as secure as possible.
Should we suspect any compromised accounts, you may receive a different type of ban to protect your account.

Your account is your responsibility and therefore in your best interest to protect and look after it.
Please note that we cannot help you in recovering a compromised account, you will have to get in touch with Mojang/Microsoft.

How to secure your account:
• Use strong passwords that are not predictable and have numbers, capitals and symbols.
• Set-up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) where possible by using a mobile application.
• Avoid clicking any links that look suspicious or link to unknown domains- if it is too good to be true, it likely is.

Account compromised bans are a lot different to normal bans, these mean your account has been breached- but we were able to
identify this before any damage was caused.

Please keep in mind that the following might set this feature off:
• Usage of VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to hide your IP address. (You might be using the same address alongside a cheater!)
• Usage of illegal or "cracked" free Minecraft accounts/clients.
• Usage of more than one account from the same IP. (In certain use situations)

This is in place to both protect you, and us.

If you have received a account compromised infraction, please submit an appeal!

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