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[TEMPLATE] Staff Template Format

Welcome to LunarCube Networks

Below is a provided template that you MUST follow.

Should you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ provided below

Click here to view the Application FAQ


Please do not provide any personal information such as emails, real names or related. You are not required to provide it. If we do require it, you will receive a message regarding it.




Basic Information:


Your Minecraft username:

Your previous Minecraft usernames:

Your current timezone:

Your age:


Your Discord Name & Tag:

Languages you speak:



Server-related questions:


Where do you spend most of your time? (Discord, One Life, Vanilla):


Have you ever received a suspension or mute from any of our Networks, if so, why?


When did you first start playing on LunarCube? Provide how you found us:



Application-related questions:


Have you made any previous applications with us? If so, how many and what were the outcome(s):


Do you have the means to record and/or screenshot evidence? If so, what do you use?


Outside of Minecraft, what are your hobbies?


Have you been Staff on a Minecraft Network previously? If so, please provide names where possible:


Why are you no longer working on forementioned server? (Leave blank if N/A)


In no more than 500 words, please explain why you should be chosen to Staff on LunarCube:



Vouches (if applicable):


Vouches are player-based opinions that you can place onto your application, you can get these by asking others over DM or privately, such as close friends to give you a thumbs up. You will need to receive exact quotations of the users message. We do validate and check these. So be sure to be honest and not make up random names, also keep in mind that messaging staff (that aren't friends or etc) for vouches is not allowed and will get your application denied.



Extras (if applicable):

Is there anything else we may need to know? Please be honest:






Make sure to copy the above text first as you will need to use this to write your application.



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