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LunarCube // Minecraft Server

One Life - Popular SMP // Tsuki Season 1

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So it begins

As you know, we took down the One Life server for a reset a few days ago.
This has allowed us to now utilise not just Tsuki but also Poicord for the server.

You can play right away, no need for any client updates or patches.

As announced, the One Life server is now open for all to join, remember we have a upcoming halloween event as well.
We look forward to seeing everybody on, have a awesome afternoon/evening/morning, wherever you are!

Have fun <3
- LunarCube Team

One Life Next Season Update // Tsuki Release!

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Good evening everyone!

We've spent a lot of time in the background working on "Tsuki"- a form of server software that accepts the usage of mods and plugins.
This project is now practically completed with a few bugs here and there (they're probably fixed by the time you're reading this.)

Let's quickly go over what Tsuki means for you- the player.
We are now able to provide you a global means of cross-server friends, as well as new plugins that add to your experience.
You will also notice less connection and performance issues, maybe even none at all (Tested with 8 players, all in gamemode creative @ 19 TPS)
A brand new server for you to explore and interact with: fully.

It has been requested frequently that players have more things to do; we were unable to provide this due to the prior softwares limitations (we tried our best!)
Tsuki allows this to happen- opening the doors to over hundreds of thousands of features, ideas and...

New YouTube Rank // FAQ & Requisites

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Hey there again!

We have been hard at work on the Vanilla Network again, featuring the new YouTube Rank!
The YouTube Rank is a way for us to support and send our thanks to those that play on LunarCube!

As such, the rank includes bonus features like:
- Public Parties of 24.
- All daily rewards unlocked monthly.
- Awesome prefix that shows you stand out!

The rank is available to those that meet the following criteria:
- YouTube channel with frequent Minecraft-related content uploaded to it.
- Reasonable viewer-to-sub ratio. (50%>)
- 1,000 -> 10,000 subscribers.

We look forward to seeing content creators on our server and will support those most dedicated to us- regardless of owning the rank or not.
Please let us know how we're doing so far...

LunarCube Vanilla // Moon & Lobby Teasers

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Hey there everyone!

As many of you may know; we have been hard at work on a new Vanilla Network for you all to play on!
Some basics are that we're very community based, so gamemodes and ideas will be added on community requests! You can play from 1.8 to 1.16!

One of these gamemodes will be a 1.16 survival, as requested by the community, namely "Moon" SMP.

Moon is aimed to be 1.16 survival but with some MMO-like features, which includes:
- Custom Mob "Level" System, higher levels means more health, armour and damage modifiers. [VIEW]
- Custom Terrain/Level Design, with their own spawns, features and bonuses. [VIEW]
- Custom Dungeons for you to be able to raid in parties! [VIEW]

There are a ton more features, but I do not want to leak too much.

Regarding the lobbies within LunarCube, we're...

We've updated our networks with loads of awesome things!

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Let's get you up-to-date with what we have been up to!
~ We have updated our networks largely. ~

New Logo Design & Forums Layout
First off, we've given our forums and network as a whole a fresh coat of paint! As you can see, we have a new logo for the entire network to enjoy, summer particles on the forums and a more organised layout overall.

Community Improvements
Additionally, we have taken your suggestions and improved the rules page; on both the forums and discord server! Providing a nice layout and options compared to a cluttered mess. Feel free to suggest anymore improvements you might come up with either in our discord #suggestion channel or on the forums!

As well as the new rules pages, we're also going to be updating the support subdomain to get a fresh and neater...​

Forums are back online

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Welcome back to LunarCube Forums

Since you've been gone, we have updated a lot of our site.
We hope that you have a good experience with using it, please report any issues to:
[email protected]

Have fun!