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Musical Chairs Event @ 8th August [7PM BST]

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Hey there!

We will be hosting a unique Musical Chairs event today at 7PM BST.
We want to get as many people on as possible to join in on the fun- maybe break our current player record?

Tell you what, let's make a deal:
If we break our current player record of 27, we will give out 10 Lunar Crate keys to everyone online, as well as an Ender Rank to one lucky winner via the LunarCube Discord Server.

The LunarCube Team would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has not only helped us to get the top 500 servers, but also to the players that spend time on the server generally, you are all awesome and we ever so highly appreciate the community. Thank you. So much. ❤

We've updated our networks with loads of awesome things!

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Let's get you up-to-date with what we have been up to!
~ We have updated our networks largely. ~

New Logo Design & Forums Layout
First off, we've given our forums and network as a whole a fresh coat of paint! As you can see, we have a new logo for the entire network to enjoy, summer particles on the forums and a more organised layout overall.

Community Improvements
Additionally, we have taken your suggestions and improved the rules page; on both the forums and discord server! Providing a nice layout and options compared to a cluttered mess. Feel free to suggest anymore improvements you might come up with either in our discord #suggestion channel or on the forums!

As well as the new rules pages, we're also going to be updating the support subdomain to get a fresh and neater...​

One Life Server - Reset & Maintenance

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Hey there everyone, been a while, huh?

We're currently working on getting the One Life Server updated.
You will lose all your progress- this is a complete server reset.

Whilst we work on this, be sure to grab version 3.0.5 from the Technic Launcher!

EDIT: The One Life Server is now online and operational! Go and have fun!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of LunarCube!
- Space

Forums are back online

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Welcome back to LunarCube Forums

Since you've been gone, we have updated a lot of our site.
We hope that you have a good experience with using it, please report any issues to:
[email protected]

Have fun!