Moon SMP

~ LunarCube's own (and best) taste on Vanilla+ ~


Moon SMP is based on a better Vanilla experience, inspired by games like Genshin Impact and other RPGs.
There is something within Moon SMP for everyone- if you're a dungeon rogue, a casual looking for a Vanilla gamemode to chill on.
Or perhaps you're just interested in playing the latest version of Minecraft- with the cherry on top.

Take your enemies by surprise

Moon features loads of unique abilities, named brews, which vary from Double Jump to Triple Bow Draw.
With loads of brews and new updates being pushed. There is something in Moon for everyone.

Optional PvP

We offer both a PvP and PvE option to all players- without missing out on any trouble.

Levels & Progression

Moon features tons of progression and levelling-up. I mean tons. Utilising MCMMO, as well as a very wide range of other plugins.
There is guaranteed to be something to do at all times.

Party (or solo) Dungeon Raiding

What's an MMO without some form of raiding?
Moon features a fully kitted out dungeon system, with bosses and mobs tailored to your level to fight through.

Custom Biome Generation

Our custom biome generation is simply put, the most beautiful and scenic.
Feeling chilly? Visit our improved Snowy Taiga. Maybe you're feeling a bit hot, we have volcanos to make secret evil lairs out of.
These are two examples of the total 20. You will definitely find one you like.

Active & Helpful Community

LunarCube is based on player experience, our community reflects that. With such awesome people on all day:
You are guranteed to make new friends and get help when you need it.

Relics & Runes

On top of everything mentioned so far, we also feature a Relic & Runes system, a fancy way of saying enchants from
the overpowered. These custom abilities can be used cosmetically or for that extra damage. You decide.

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