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[TEMPLATE] Build Template Format

Welcome to LunarCube Networks

Below describes how you can apply for Builder on our Network.

 Before we start, here are some basic guidelines:

  • You must have a high maturity level and be over the age of 13.
  • You must have previous experience with building.
  • You must have time in your day to dedicate to the build team.
  • You must have a clear understanding of our servers rules, and what this server lives up to.
  • You must have a creative mindset and have a positive attitude towards the build team and the players.
  • You must be able to work within a team.
  • You must follow the template given below.

  • You must not curse or swear anywhere, if it's on the server, or the forums. It is not appropriate.
  • You must not disrespect the players or the build team.
  • You must not post content to the forums, discord, or the server that is deemed unsuitable for children.
  • You must not have any existing punishments on our networks.
  • You must not message any staff member about your application.


  • You are advised to ask fellow builders for help when neededed.


By applying for builder, you're directly accepting that you're capable of following these guidelines.

Below is the template that you MUST follow.


Basic Information:

Your Minecraft Username:

Your Discord Name & Tag:

Your Age:

Your Timezone:

Any languages you speak:

Server-related questions:

Have you received a suspension or mute from any of our networks?: (if so, what was it for?)

When did you first start playing on LunarCube?:

Builder-related questions:

A picture of a build that you've done and you're proud of:
Have you ever been a builder on any other server before?: (if not, leave this blank)
Why are you no longer working on said server?:
In no more then 500 words, why would you want to become a builder on our network?:

Vouches (if applicable):

Vouches are player-based opinions that you can place onto your application, you can get these by asking others over DM or privately, such as close friends to give you a thumbs up. You will need to receive exact quotations of the users message. We do validate and check these. So be sure to be honest and not make up random names, also keep in mind that messaging staff (that aren't friends or etc) for vouches is not allowed and will get your application denied.

Extras (if applicable):

Put some extra information about yourself here!