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[GUIDE] How to appeal a punishment

LunarCube Punishment Appeals

~ Last Updated 19/08/2020 ~



First things first: Why was I banned?

Punishments take place on LunarCube when a player is in violation of our Network Rules.

Please click here to view our rules.


Notices before submitting your appeal:

Submitting a appeal does not guarantee it will be accepted.

We aim to get a response back in your hand within 72 hours after your appeal is made.

Please also do not message members of staff regarding your appeal until the 72 hour timeframe is up. You may risk your appeal being automatically denied.

Should your appeal get rejected, you must wait 14 days (2 weeks) unless told otherwise before making a new one.


Account compromised and security notice:

Your account is your responsibility. Therefore any actions others have done on your account will be treated as your own.

This excludes account compromised bans. These can be appealed after you change your password.



Please copy this template before submitting a appeal.

Any appeals made without following the template will be automatically rejected.


Account Information:

Minecraft Username (IGN): 

Discord Username (+ Tag): 


Punishment Information:

Punishment Platform (Vanilla, Discord): 

Punishment Type (Ban, Mute):

Punishment Length (30d, Permanent): 

Punishment Start Date: 

Punishment Reason: 



Have you been punished previously? If so, what for?:

Have you since read the server rules? Yes/No: 

Why do you feel we should accept this appeal?:


Evidence (if applicable):

Feel free to post any imgur links or YouTube videos that may help the processing of your appeal.





Make sure to copy the above text first as you will need to use this to write your appeal.



Click here to submit a new appeal